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I was a bit skeptical at first, but I found warming the putty up in my hands addicting... about an hour after putting it down, I could feel just about every layer of my skin! I work with wood and suffer from extremely dry skin.  I use the Emu-Arnica blend for arthritis pain and found that the consistency of the putty helps strengthen my hands. I LOVE THIS STUFF!

Rebecca, Texas USA

I've been using the putty for strengthening my fingers, wrist and forearm.  After a few sessions I could really feel a difference in my muscles and nothing works better.  I start out soft and easy and as the beeswax warms up and softens a bit, I go into a rapid pace. I knead the putty with my fingers as quickly as I can.  My hands and skin feel great.

Dan, Oregon USA

After breaking my wrist a couple of years ago, I suffer from Arthritis as well as some mild muscle atrophy. I find the putty helpful with both, and enjoy the moisturizing effects as well. It's nice to have a product that is all natural too.

Leah, Arizona USA

Made From {All-natural} Ingredients

Essential Oils

We use lanolin as our base oil to offer protection and repair of the skin. We can add emu and arnica oil for further healing.

Pure Beeswax

We use Beeswax (made by bees) to form a skin protecting layer for maximum healing.  


We use cotton as a bonding  and binding agent which gives the putty it's form and texture.